Evolve Drive Gear Kit - 38T
Evolve Drive Gear Kit - 38T
Evolve Drive Gear Kit - 38T
Evolve Drive Gear Kit - 38T
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  • 38 tooth drive gears and belt kit for more acceleration even with bigger wheels and lower top speed. The acceleration of the GT//GTX/GTR/Hadean boards with normal 32 t drive gears is already insane, expect the strongest and you still will be blown away by this torque. Trade off some top speed, and increase the acceleration of your GT/GTX/GTR/Hadean board with this gear. Offering around 20% more torque, this will allow you to run bigger wheels, climb steeper inclines and increase the braking power available. For example with this 38 t drive gear and 97 mm wheels you have the same acceleration like the normal 32 t drive gear an 80 mm wheels

    Kit includes:

    2 x 38 tooth drive gears (inc. drive bearings), 2 x adjusted size

    GT drive belts Compatible only with the Evolve GT/GTX/GTR/Hadean series

  • A brief estimate on how this gear will affect top speed (GT/GTR boards):

    Wheel Size (mm)

    Standard GT Gear
    Kph (GT)

    38 Tooth Gear
    Kph (GT)













    Please be aware, this gear has a significant increase to the acceleration on our boards. Please use carefully as the higher speed modes can allow the board to accelerate much faster, and increase the risk of an unexpected fall.

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