Loctite Threadlocker Medium
Loctite Threadlocker Medium
Loctite Threadlocker Medium
Loctite Threadlocker Medium
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Loctite 2400 is a medium threadlocker perfect for securing and sealing fasteners that may require future removal.

For example to use on motor screws and others.
  • 5ml / 5g
  • Prevents loosening on vibrating assemblies e.g. pumps, gear boxes or presses
  • Permits regular disassembly
  • Breakaway torque: 20 Nm
  • WRAS Approval (BS 6920): 1104507

LOCTITE 2400 is a medium threadlocker formulated to secure and seal bolts, nuts and studs to prevent loosening due to vibration. It works on all metals and passive substrates. Slight contamination by industrial oils, corrosion prevention oils and cutting fluids is tolerated. Its key differentiator is the White Material Safety Data Sheet. LOCTITE 2400 carries no hazard symbols, risk or safety phrases and does not contain any declarable carcinogens, mutagens or reproductive toxins.

It is suitable for the locking of threaded fasteners which require disassembly with standard hand tools.
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